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Last Updated; 01 February 2024

Hello and Welcome!

If you’re on this page, that means we’ve probably met and you got your SoW (Statement of Work). Congrats!

Here is where you can find the fine print on working together. Only, there’s no fine print. I tried to make it easy to read 🙂

Project payments are divided into two:

  • 50% to confirm
  • 50% just prior to the handover.

Most credit cards and transfers are perfect.

Never fear! I start every project with a deep dive on your business, your audience and your style – and create a brief that says it all. That way, by the time we reach the design phase, I usually get it right.

If not, Branding projects come with 2 complimentary rounds of revisions. This is where you give your feedback and we make tweaks and changes to the design based on that feedback. This is not where we change the foundations – your brief or strategy. If you do want to make changes for to the foundations, let me know and we’ll change the SoW for your project to reflect that.

Great question! Here’s how revisions happen:

  1. I present the design to all decision makers of the brand. After that, we enter the first round of revisions – if needed.
  2. You get to examine the presentation from any angle, admire it and ponder over it. The questions you want to ask yourself is: Will this help me meet my goals for my business? Will this enhance my messaging?
  3. You get back to me within 2-3 business days with “I love it”/any questions/suggestions.
  4. We’ll discuss them together and make necessary changes before moving on to the next phase in our project.
  5. If needed, you have a second round of revisions.

For each revision round:

  • Share your feedback within 2-3 business days.
  • Share all your questions, comments and suggestions in one email so I don’t miss anything. Even if it’s a very long email. I prefer one loooong email to 100s of little, short ones.
  • It’s helpful to ask some supportive family members or friends for their thoughts. But it’s not recommended to ask your extended family and entire school class for their opinion. Keep in mind: they don’t know your business and your goals like you do and they haven’t developed the strategy we created to attract your dream clients.

Short answer: Depending on the project.

Long answer: Yes – for branding projects, your get all the source files once the final payment has been made. That’s also when the copywrite for the project, becomes yours. Until then, all designs belong to me. For other projects – such as ads, flyers or brochures – you pay for the deliverable and you will receive the ready for use files (not the source files). If you need to the source files, let me know and we’ll create your proposal to reflect that. There is usually a fee for the source files in projects other than branding.

The final design of any project is yours. Any designs that were created along the way, or any previous versions are not included in your deliverables, and remain under my copywrite.

On a similar note, as the strategist and designer, I reserve the right to showcase your project in my portfolio and/or display it for promotional purposes.

Yup, I get that. Life happens😊. If something has come up and you need to pause your project, that’s ok. Just send me an email and we’ll figure out what to do next.

If I haven’t heard from you for 35 days – with no email notifying me that you need to pause your project – your project will be moved to the cellar archived. As soon as you’re ready, we can resume your project with a fee (of up to 60% of the project). We’ll fit your project in according to our workflow at that time.

Sure. Leaving any marks of the designer if called a whitelable service and is available for an additional fee ranging between 40%-70% of the project (depending on the scope).

We share your files on Google Drive and it’ll be there for some time afterwards.

Once the handover is complete, the safety of your files is not longer my responsibility – though I will likely have them in my archives.

Please make sure to save your files in a safe place after you receive them because I may remove some projects occasionally from the Drive and I don’t want yours missing. If I do remove your project from the Drive, I’ll let you know via email prior to that.

And if you have any questions, let me know!
It’s the best way to get your answer:)

Looking forward to see you on the other side – diving into your brand! ✨ 

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