The community for frum female graphic designers.

You’re a freelancing designer (or running your own agency) and sometimes you need guidance on a specific question.

I remember when I was just starting out...

I had so many questions and dilemmas – and no one to ask.

man contemplating over pricing chart

How much should I charge for this project?

You have a specific project and google isn’t helping.

I'm not sure if this design is perfect...

That logo/flyer/landing page looks ok but something’s missing – what is it?

man wondering
anxious man gazing at flag

Is this a red flag??

A client is exibiting funny behaviour – should I ignore and accept this project anyway? How do I know if it’s ok… or not?

What's the best tool?

There are so many options out there – what should I use for proposals/invoicing/upscaling or the best course for growing my business?

sweating man running over wheel

Picture this

Imagine having a place where you can get the answers to your questions. Real answers from real designers who are in this just like you.

Better than that, imagine having a place where you feel comfortable posting any question – without feeling like you’re being judged based on that question.

That’s where Design Ally comes in. A small community of designers on slack, who are like family.
We laugh over milkshakes, joke on the zoom calls and share serious tips and tricks the rest of the time.

It’s like having workmates, business consultants and designer friends who actually get what you do – all rolled in one.

Hi there!
I'm Miri Miller


I’ve been creating brand identities for a buncha years now – for businesses who create happy environments in other people’s homes.

Design Ally was born when I realized that I wanted a place where I can ask fellow designers questions without overthinking how it would make me look.

Know the feeling?

Since then, I’ve been coaching other businesses on how to reach their goals and create their dream business.

What will I gain from DA?

Client Related Advice

How do I respond to this client’s email? What should I do if a client is delaying payment? How many revisions are ok? These were real questions posted (and answered!) on Design Ally.

Business Growth Tips

Get tips on how to grow your business, get more leads and techniques for the best business model or structure.

Business Coaching Call

Get a FREE 30 minute coaching call with me when you sign up! Touch base whenever you feel you need more guidance or have a specific question.

Design Critique

Get and share critique for your designs so you will be confident when presenting to your client.

Tools and Resources

Hear which tools, books, courses or freebies are really worthwhile. We only share what worked for us. No sneaky marketing involved.

Design Inspirations

See the latest work shared by DA members or share a design that caught your eye.


Not sure how to price a project? Or need help asap on how to present the price? For all those detailed questions you can’t google, ask DA! You’ll get real answers from real designers in it together. No theoreticals here.


Feeling burnt out after a grueling sales call? Or frustrated about being ghosted? Get the validation you need to keep going (and tips for next time – we’re nice!).

Work-Life Balance

Choosing to go freelance is not a one time decision. It’s a choice that comes up again and again whenever there’s a conflict between home-life and work-life. How do others do it?

Hear it from DA-ers

Chani Fessel


Joining Design Alley was a game-changer for me.
There never was a slack group just for designers. I was part of a few other ones, part of copywriters groups or just creatives, but if I ever had a design question, I never had where to ask it.
What I love about Design Alley is that it’s a group of designers from all over the world. Besides the fact that someone is always available for you, we get to see different design trends and are able to get lots of help from within the group.
Everyone is happy to help each other and we all gain so much too!

I am part of other groups [for designers] but DA is small and more personal. Everyone is really out there to help the other one. I have gained a lot of advice and help with my client work (such as critique, pricing etc.) Keep it up! Thank you so much!!!

S Sassoon


Tova Leon


I’m in another group – for all Jewish creatives, not specifically designers, but I love that Design Ally is exclusively designers – this allows for less reservation and more learning and connection!
I’ve learned tons from the discussions in critique, pricing, and business development on this group. The “peer pressure” has helped me improve my own brand.
Now I have much more confidence in my design process and work thanks to you!
I love the videos  you’ve posted – especially the pricing call. It was so practical! Thanks, Miri, for setting up this amazing group!

I am part of a few other groups but in Design Ally, I enjoy the respect everyone has for each other and willingness to help. I gained ideas, critique and helpful insights.

Reisy Manela

BRAND & 3d designer

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You might be wondering...

Yup. Design Ally is a forum specific for graphic designers. If you’re a creative in another field (e.g. interior designer, copywriter, developer) you won’t gain as much here.

Short answer: Perhaps.
Long answer: Are you working in a non-design job but freelancing on the side? DA is perfect for you to use as a springboard for growth.
If you’re just interested in design and like pretty things, you probably won’t find DA very relevant – hate to see you waste your cash!
If  you’re unsure whether DA is a fit for you, you’re welcome to ask me on or fill out the form and I’ll be in touch:)

Because DA was created as a safe spot for designers, we don’t promote products or services at random. It’s not that kind of place. If we have personally taken a course, or gained from a specific book or resource, we may share it with each other. But there are no cold promotions. If you’re unsure about this one, or want more clarity, email me at

Yours truly.
Thank you:) I like it too!

No problem:)

Email me on and I’ll be in touch.

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What do you need?

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