Branding for businesses who are in a saturated market.

I put a magnetic field around your brand.

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Just imagine attracting your dream clients, and getting paid your dream rates.

That’s the power of good branding.

When we work together, you get:

Strategy - Not Guesswork

We start with the details - by defining and getting to know your target market so that your brand vibes make you irresistable to them.

Design for Results

Pretty-only branding doesn't make clients who are fans. You want designs that were created for YOUR goals and dreams. Designs that will keep YOU top of mind.

One and Only Service

CatchBranding is just me.

And you.

Therefore, I can only afford to give you premium VIP service.

Miri's designs gave me confidence to advertise.

I came to Miri as I wanted to advertise my business. Miri does amazing work. I love her style and got many compliments on the logo she designed for me. Miri’s designs gave me confidence to advertise. Thanks Miri, for your fantastic and beautiful work!

Rochel Zaks

founder, turnover








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more customers who are willing to pay full prices;)

I came to Miri Miller because one of my businesses was lacking a brand. I received a very professional and patient service, from questioning and researching a brand to rounds of repairs and verifying satisfaction. It’s exciting to see how we finally have a new and modern logo, clear brand colors, appropriate backgrounds and icons, a brand book with print instructions if needed. She has really done some serious image work for us, so now the perceived value of our service is much higher, which will bring more customers who are willing to pay full prices;)
Totally recommend to any professional business, one that has no branding that conveys its professionalism, that will appeal to Miri Miller, she is simply a champion!

Tzvi Krinsky

Business Consultant /

Your service is great, the value huge, but...

How can you build a premium brand so you can charge premium rates?

How can you build your brand so clients are desperate to work with you over your competitors?

How can you build your brand so that clients are excited to work with you because of your service/ personality/ process and NOT your rates?

By owning a brand that is crafted to build the business you want.

brought in new business.

I love my new logo because it contains similarities to my previous logo so I felt I could still be recognized but Miri elevated it to a much more professional and sophisticated look. I love the neutral colors and the way I can use it in any color advert or packaging. In terms of how it affected my business, I feel like I gained more confidence in advertising once I had a professional logo. I love to use it on my packaging or on online advertisements knowing that it looks great. Whereas, before I had this logo, I would hesitate to advertise as I really didn’t like to see the previous logo, now I love to see it on adverts which in turn had brought in new business. I really feel like when you invest in your business, your customers can see that and appreciate it.

Ruti Sofer

Founder, Flavours catering

The Catch branding process

My Five-Step CATCH Process to create unique designs that will appeal to your dream clients and allow you to scale big.

Brand Strategy: We’ll start with a 1-2 hour interview to get to a deep dive of you, your goal and your vision. We’ll do this with some fun exercises to get those juices going. I’ll then build your brand strategy based on the information we’ve gathered together.

The design phase: I sketch and test your logo, ensuring it fits your vibe, your audience and your goals.

Revision and Finalization: I share your logo and identity design with mockups so you can visualize how it would look in the real world – this is the fun part! If needed, we’ll do some tweaks to make sure your design is perfect. (Up to 2 complimentary revision rounds.)

Here is where I create your brand style guide and any other elements included in your package – website, flyers, email design etc.

I’ll share your files and give you a walkthrough to ensure that your comfortable with the techie aspect of using your designs. You’re ready to launch your brand!

Ayala Heisherik business card design

understand what the customer wants even when the customer is unable to explain clearly.

I really enjoyed the process. From the availability always, the pressure she was able to put up with, the creativity, and the ability to understand what the customer wants even when the customer is unable to explain clearly. I loved the clean, refined piece. Highly recommend using her services! Following my new branding I received many inquiries which definitely affected my business. Thank you!

Ayala Heisherik

Massage therapist

you get

Develop a strategy-based brand identity system with elements that include:

Every project starts by searching deep inside your brand. As you build and promote your business, you’ll need clarity on what it should look and sound like. We’ll explore your vision, goals, audience, how you want them to feel, your company’s personality, unique strengths, and more. The resulting brand book details all of the aformentioned and more so that you could reference it to keep you and your business on track.

Your logo will be designed to ensure it is in line with the brief created in the brand discovery. It will be applied to mock products to test how it would work in the “real world.”

Your final set of files will have secondary logos in vertical or horizontal formats if needed, saved for print and web.

Specifications for the colors in your logo, plus a secondary palette that coordinates. You will receive the CMYK, RGB, and hex codes.

Recommendations for brand fonts, with examples of how to use them together.

Custom patterns/illustrations to complement your visual identity.

A multi-page document that describes all elements of your brand. This document includes rules and specs for the logo, colour palette, typography, visual elements, messaging, voice and any other elements that make your brand unique. Your team can use it to create consistent materials going forward.

Website, Email Design, Branded Stationary, Business Card, Print Advertising, Vehicle Decal Design.

the investment

Branding projects start at $2,200. The pricing is based on the package that’s the best fit for your business.

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Her designs are unique and polished.

Miri’s talent knows no bounds when it comes to creativity. Her designs are unique and polished. I loved seeing what she came up with! I recommend Miri for all your branding and graphic needs.

Rayzel Broyde

Art Director, Mosaica Press


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What do you need?

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